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Discussion on current situation and development strategy of logistics operation in Chinese Enterprises


 With the intensification of market competition, enterprises are making efforts to reduce logistics costs and improve the level of logistics services. In order to lower the delivery cost and better logistics services, to win the competitive advantage in the domestic and international markets, logistics strategy has become an integral part of the overall strategy of the enterprise.
1, the operation status of Chinese enterprise logistics
1, 1 logistics research is lack of comprehensiveness
Study on the logistics theory in China in two major areas -- material circulation and transportation system, whether logistics strategic planning or management of logistics theory research, researchers from the natural position and angle, one-sided emphasis on a local functional elements, the lack of comprehensive understanding of the logistics, leads to the deviation of people. Until April 2001, China's logistics of the first basic national standard "logistics terminology" was officially released. For the logistics theory which is suitable for China's national conditions, there is still a lack of in-depth study. At the same time, some theoretical research and practice are seriously out of line, and the theoretical results are not operational.
1, 2, enterprise logistics management means backward
In enterprise logistics management, many enterprises still remain in the era of pen and paper, although some companies equipped with a computer, but has not formed the system, no network, at the same time in the logistics operation is also a lack of application EDI, personal computer, artificial intelligence / expert system, communication, bar code scanning and advanced information technology.
1, 3 enterprises lack of "third profit source" concept
In twentieth Century 60s and 70s, the enterprises of the developed countries are the focus of competition in the production field, do everything possible to reduce the consumption of material resources, access to the "first profit source" to increase the labor productivity of enterprises to obtain the second profit source "". After entering 1970s, the production enterprises to improve economic efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of the focus from production field to non production areas, including procurement, transportation, storage, packaging, handling, distribution processing, distribution, customer service service activities and materials circulation information related activities. But China enterprises lack of modern logistics is "the third profit source" concept, not as the optimization of production logistics key process and strengthen market management, and logistics activities in the subordinate position, most of the enterprises will be handling, warehousing, transportation, procurement, packaging, distribution and other logistics activities scattered in different departments, not included in the a department of system planning and unified operation and management of the logistics activities.
1, 4 enterprises lack the idea of cooperative competition
In the "economic globalization", "logistics without borders", the increasingly fierce market competition, customer demand changing environment of American enterprises in competition with Japanese companies, still feel the pressure, they have implemented the core strategy to focus resources enterprise, cultivate their core ability, develop core business, the main business bigger and and stronger, doing fine, and in the pursuit of global logistics and global outsourcing or external enterprise strategic alliances, to participate in domestic and international competition for the overall advantage of the whole supply chain. Our country in the rapid changing market competition, individual enterprises rely on their own resources for self adjustment speed is difficult to catch up with the change of market rate, so the enterprise must be limited resources on the core business and strengthen its core competence, and does not have its own core competence of the business in the form of contract.
2, the development strategy of Chinese enterprise logistics
2.1, strengthen the construction of logistics disciplines to speed up personnel training
According to the China Federation of logistics and purchasing statistics, in 2002 China's logistics undergraduate education, with professional form or in the form of university professional direction of at least 40; there are more than 50 universities opened the transportation and traffic engineering professional e-commerce and logistics related professional. Some universities have been aware of the shortage of logistics personnel and began to learn the advanced experience of logistics education in developed countries, logistics research institutions will occur, all of this has become the logistics professionals and support the discipline system, but to further strengthen the logistics discipline construction, solve the problem of combination of theory and practice, to speed up the cultivation of talents in China is still a pressing matter of the moment. The logistics professional construction of higher education.
2.2, speed up the formulation of logistics standards
Establish a National Standardization Technical Committee for logistics standardization and coordination, planning and management of logistics standardization issues. Logistics standardization is a big system to logistics, internal logistics facilities, technical standards system of machinery and equipment, tools, packaging, warehousing, logistics information standards, transportation and other types of handling operation standard as well as the prominent feature of modern logistics, form a standardized system of national and international standards.
2.3, create a good environment for the development of modern logistics
Chinese enterprises should build their own integrated logistics strategy according to market rules, and can not do without a perfect macro environment and external environment. Chinese government should strengthen and improve the logistics laws and regulations; should take a proactive fiscal policy, tax policy, financial policy and so on; for logistics enterprises, logistics enterprises to create a good business environment in the cross regional operation of industrial and commercial registration, apply for licenses, unified tax, traffic control, import and export goods inspection and customs clearance; to support and guide the logistics enterprise logistics enterprises, the introduction of advanced equipment, improve the logistics infrastructure, improve logistics performance and logistics service level; to actively encourage and support the improvement of service functions on the basis of large enterprises or freight transportation enterprise, real

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