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Storage shelf industry: scale effect, promotion, comprehensive competitiveness


 With the overall growth of China's economy, logistics and warehousing industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for shelves is becoming larger and larger. With the widespread use of shelves, specialized and large-scale shelf factories have emerged, which have promoted the specialization and standardized production of shelves. China since 1990s, began to appear at the end of 1990s, the shelf enterprise, several European shelf company, such as Schaefer, Dexion, Stow began to enter the Chinese, their great importance to promote the development of domestic industry from the shelf. After 2000, the domestic enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like shelf only about ten years of development emerge in an endless stream, and the shelf enterprise development to more than 100, which does not include large and small distribution, trading company. In recent years, the development of automated warehouse system is very rapid, is to build warehouse logistics system integrators, of course, automatic three-dimensional storage shelves which are provided by several large domestic manufacturers such as shelves, Jingxing, flying, and six dimensional world, Dong Lian bin, Ding hu. In the automated warehouse shelf contractors, high-end foreign brands are Dema Taco, Fu, and Japan and Taiwan brands, such as Murata, Okamura, Formosa, Au as soon as, the strongest, North and north is Kunchuan since, in addition to the East, today international. In 2008, many solid warehouses were built in china. Logistics has been listed as the revitalization plan of the tenth major industries. In the future, the state will increase investment in this area. Therefore, with the development of economy, the prospects for the development of automated storage shelves will be enormous.

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