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Develop high performance and large capacity storage rack speed control technology with wide energy saving


  China's "11th Five-Year" plan put forward the goal of improving energy efficiency and efficiency, while the focus of energy conservation work is to implement energy-saving technologies with large scale and wide range. Energy shortage and environmental pollution are the common century problems that human beings are facing. Which is an important measure to gradually realize the economic operation of the motor, blower, pumping equipment and systems, the development of motor speed regulation and power electronic power saving technology, the only way to lower the energy consumption elasticity coefficient and a large amount of energy saving to the long-term support of the national economy fast, healthy and sustainable development.
If a considerable part of the fans, pumps and other loads, due to the constant speed drive, waste a lot of electricity. This type of drag system accounts for half of total industrial power drag, and at least 20% of power can be saved by using speed regulation energy saving technology. Since the 70s of last century, the two world energy crisis and the seriousness of the current environmental problems have attracted widespread attention from all over the world. China's energy production and consumption has been ranked second in the world, but still far can not meet the need of the development of industrial production and people's lives, energy in a very tense situation, but because of the huge gap in energy saving, resulting in energy consumption per unit of output value is too large, the annual energy waste.
At present, excessive emission of automobile exhaust has caused global greenhouse effect, and is also one of the major causes of air pollution in Beijing area. In addition, a large number of coal, oil has not been deep processing was burned, not only the low utilization of heat, but also caused serious pollution of the environment. At this point, the application of AC speed regulation system can not only achieve the purpose of energy saving, but also achieve the best performance of the whole system, improve the process conditions, and greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.
To solve the city environmental pollution and traffic congestion is an important way to speed the development of public transportation (Metro, city light rail) and electric vehicles, high-speed electric train is the preferred intercity traffic, the core technology is the last century since 80s and the rapid development of microelectronics technology racing together bridle to bridle a new technology -- modern power electronics and storage cage transmission technology. In addition, in the steel rolling, paper making, cement manufacturing, mine hoist, ship propulsion and other industrial and civilian fields, we should also widely use large and medium capacity storage rack speed control system.
From the power distribution of the system, small power speed regulation system still dominates the market, 1 ~ 4kW speed control system accounted for 21% of total sales, 5 ~ 40kW system accounted for 26% of total sales. But with the rapid increase in IGBT, IGCT as the representative of the new composite device voltage, current and switching performance, large capacity storage cage control technology will get rapid development and great progress, the market prospect is very inspiring. Large capacity control products from the information currently available on the market can be seen, the current annual worldwide storage cage speed control system of hardware, software and peripheral equipment sales is $4 billion 850 million. Among them, Europe, the Middle East and Africa accounted for 39%, Japan accounted for 27%, North America accounted for 21%, Asia 12%, and finally Latin America 1%.
At present, the development of large and medium capacity AC speed regulation system in our country started late, and many necessary occasions are occupied by foreign products. Abroad is far ahead of us in the research and application of high performance large capacity storage cage transmission technology, high voltage inverter MV a large number of products have been put into the market, and the application in electric locomotive, ship electric propulsion, rolling paper and water supply system, storage cage frequency conversion technology and its products has become a pilot the industry in some developed countries.

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