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Research on informatization construction of logistics enterprise operation management


  This paper focuses on the construction and operation of logistics enterprise management informatization, analyzes the inevitable trend, the traditional logistics enterprise informationization and its important significance, through the research of information technology to enhance the management level of logistics enterprises, the logistics enterprise management information system based on this framework model.
I. Preface
In twenty-first Century, in the form of a production, circulation and consumption in the economy, circulation (by logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow of four parts) will play a more and more important role, especially the development of the logistics industry has become the economic development of the business may replace the leader, because there is no more time to eliminate with the space barrier between producers and consumers than the logistics.
With the rapid development of e-commerce based on information technology, products and production elements in the global scope with unprecedented speed flow freely, cross-border and cross regional, cross industry logistics is increasingly busy, effectively promoted the prosperity of the economic and social development. Compared with the traditional transportation and warehousing, modern logistics pays more attention to the simultaneous application of information technology and logistics technology, and the construction of information technology has become the core issue of logistics enterprises to realize the modernization of operation and management.
In such circumstances, China's logistics enterprises should know how to according to the information and network to adjust their strategies, namely, from the concept of information management, and enterprise internal operation information and network, information and network to contact with outsiders. The key of informatization and networking of logistics enterprises lies in the establishment of a perfect logistics operation management information system. Functionally speaking, should include the data exchange function, information service function, membership service function, online trading, intelligent distribution function; covering information technology, information flow, information transmission, information integration etc.. Through the establishment of logistics information system that formed a modern data acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and output in one of the data processing center and supporting transmission network, is the basic condition to realize the enterprise management informatization.
Two, the inevitable trend of the development of logistics enterprises
Since 1990s, the new trend of the world economic development has been globalization and information technology, which has brought about a completely new change for the competitive environment of enterprises. The natural law of survival of the fittest brings new competition rules to all traditional enterprises. How to change the traditional logistics enterprises to the new enterprises in the era of information and network has become an inevitable choice for those who have knowledge. In the information age, the most profitable industry is service industry. The products with high value ratio are software, not hardware. At the same time, the value of traditional industries is obviously declining, and the value of its creation is becoming smaller. At present, China's logistics industry, although as long as the warehousing and transportation facilities will still make money, but the informatization of enterprise talent, innovation has put forward higher requirements, but also brought a new growth mode. For example, the third party logistics enterprises increasingly understand, some have a small amount of storage or transport vehicles, or what storage facilities are not, but they can record than the storage and transportation companies several times, or even more times sales. The third party logistics enterprise is the use of management information system and marketing network system to create value, while the storage and transportation of concrete is outsourced to other storage and transportation company, the information system is the value of innovation. If the traditional logistics enterprises can not adapt to this change, they will fall behind, or even be eliminated.
The current and future period of time, the transformation of traditional logistics enterprises to modern logistics enterprises will probably experience three changes: the first is based on the network technology as the forerunner of the advanced logistics enterprises have emerged, the traditional industry competition rules, competition order impact and damage. Second, the traditional logistics enterprises begin to change as a result of the impact of the changes in the overall economic model, and gradually adapt to the new information age. It would be difficult to reform enterprises without prior preparation. Third is that the traditional logistics enterprises to complete their own information changes, or cooperation with network enterprises, and truly integrate into the new enterprise era. It should be said that all the traditional logistics enterprises are now in the trend of transformation and development to the modern logistics format. Blind, but can not be an anachronism transformation of enterprises will be more and more difficult to earn money, then inevitably to be squeezed out of the market.
Three, the current situation of informatization construction of logistics enterprises in China
The majority of our logistics enterprises which are developed in the enterprise based on the material flow under the traditional system, the current business content are still in storage, transport and handling, from hardware to software and enterprise requirements of high efficiency and low cost of modern logistics services there is a great gap between the. At present, the domestic enterprises that can provide integrated logistics services are not yet widespread, and the functions of modern logistics information services can not be well developed.
From the survey, the logistics information system as the core of modern logistics has become the bottleneck for the development of China's logistics enterprises, logistics information resource integration capability is the main factors of logistics demand of enterprise logistics supplier selection. Only 39% of the logistics providers in China have logistics information system, which shows that the logistics supply market in China is low in information technology and can not meet customer needs.
The lag of information construction has made China's logistics enterprises poor in operating technology and the world advanced level

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