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Shanghai to build a new model of logistics, land freight exchange has been formed


Following the establishment of the Shanghai shipping exchange, Shanghai will establish a land freight exchange and issue a domestic land freight index. At present, Shanghai land freight transaction center has been formed.
It is understood that the Ministry of transport minister Li Shenglin and Shanghai mayor Han Zheng recently inspected the Shanghai land-based freight trading center, during this period, the two sides signed the "speeding up the construction of international shipping center" memorandum of cooperation.
"This is a major measure to achieve the docking with the Shanghai international shipping center and the airport construction." The head of the Shanghai land freight trading center said it would launch a domestic freight index at the right time.
This is a major measure for Shanghai to promote the transformation of its industrial structure: to upgrade the industrial structure by grasping both ends of the value chain of the logistics industry. Li Shenglin is very appreciative of the model "do not care about physical agglomeration".
Han Zheng: the value is not limited to the contribution to tax"
It is understood that the land freight trading center has begun to take shape, and its business scope has covered more than 150 large and medium-sized cities nationwide.
The so-called land freight trading center is designated as the national logistics trading center, freight transit platform, information service platform, mainly by the goods transit center and information service center.
Especially the information platform, similar to the Shanghai stock exchange, the freight information and prices all over the country are displayed on the central screen. At present, the transaction information is as high as 400 thousand pieces per day.
Deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Yang Guoqiang in a recent internal meeting said, to the Shanghai municipal land freight trading center as the carrier, to speed up the construction of China logistics resources trading center, the formation of "logistics, circulation and market".
Xi Zheng introduced, from almost all the big city the more than 26000 logistics suppliers and manufacturers have been registered in the information platform, which can undertake business bidding and quotation, etc., without geographical restrictions".
It is understood that the information platform members throughout the country, including the number of enterprises in Shanghai accounted for only 11%, while more from Bohai (25.4%) and the Pearl River Delta (20.6%), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan also accounted for 0.7%.
This is only the first step envisaged in Shanghai, through the information platform, Shanghai will provide virtual value-added services, payment platform, freight insurance, etc., with higher profits.
That's what Shanghai expects: it can make a lot more profit without the need for a "thriving" platoon of road trucks.
As envisaged, the future of this center is expected to release the national road freight prices and indexes, to provide more value-added services.
It is understood that the trading center is divided into two stages of construction, the first phase of the establishment of inter provincial freight dedicated platform and transit platform, the second phase will form a national road transport tariff quotes and service networks.
"Value is not limited to tax contributions."." "It's more about the integration of social resources and the promotion of social efficiency," Han said in a survey of onshore cargo trading centers in January 7, 2010."
When the investigation in the trading center Li Shenglin at the end of January, the new logistics mode of covers and can obtain rich profit is much appreciated.
Central enterprises, Shanghai state-owned enterprises to participate in
Shanghai overland freight trading center a total investment of 500 million yuan, the Yangtze River Economic Development (Group) Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Yangtze River Group) and Shanghai Northwest Logistics Park Co., Ltd. joint venture, shares accounted for 95% and 5% respectively. Core values: "value is not limited to tax contributions."." "It's more about the integration of social resources and the promotion of social efficiency," Han said in a survey of onshore cargo trading centers in 2010."
Among them, the Yangtze River group is from Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing four center city government and Bank of communications as a sponsor, joint along the other 27 City, in 1992 jointly established, is an investment company engaged in the Yangtze River Basin and other areas of cross regional investment and development.
At present, the Yangtze River group has been under the Shanghai SASAC management, and Shanghai Northwest Logistics Park Co., Ltd. is also a state-owned company.
The more still influx, it is understood that the group affiliated listed company Yangtze River Investment Industry Limited by Share Ltd will transfer 25% stake to strategic investors as the Nanguang group.
The South Group is the only company headquarters is located in Macao's central enterprises, its wholly owned subsidiary of South Logistics has Macao's largest port, in most modern large warehouses, container trailers and all types of vehicles etc..
"This will help us expand in Southeast asia." Xi Zheng believes that the radiation force of Nanguang group shares will help expand the mainland freight trading center.
It is understood that, with the support of the national development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai municipal government is promoting the Yangtze River group to build land transportation center to the national radiation for the operation of the Chinese logistics resource trading center construction.

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